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21 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage

Water damage incidents, whether minor leaks or massive floods, can be overwhelmingly disruptive for home and business owners alike. As specialists in the field, we at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy recognize the myriad of questions that swirl in the minds of those confronted with such dilemmas. It’s paramount to have clarity and understanding when navigating the aftermath of water damage in Conyers, GA.

With years of expertise under our belt, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 most frequently asked questions about water damage. Our aim? To provide clear, concise answers that empower you to take informed actions and regain control of your affected spaces.

The time it takes to dry out a property depends on several factors like where the water came from, the kind of materials in your building, the weather, and how soon you get help. Although there’s no fixed drying time, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy estimates it can range from three to five days or even longer, depending on the conditions.

The best way to confirm if things are completely dry is by using ServiceMaster by LoveJoy‘s advanced equipment. Just feeling by touch might be misleading.

Not necessarily. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy will adjust the temperature for ideal drying conditions. Please don’t alter the settings or turn off the HVAC system, as it can extend the drying time.

During the drying phase, wooden flooring needs close monitoring. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy uses specialized equipment and dehumidifiers to dry wood floors effectively, helping them retain their original shape. Given the nature of hardwood and its finishes, drying could take longer. If you’ve made an insurance claim, your adjuster will work with you to decide whether the floors need refinishing or replacement.

The damage level and the furniture’s construction will determine the possibility of restoration. Furniture needs to be dried first to evaluate the damage correctly. Any furniture deemed beyond repair will be listed for your reference, and if certain items are to be thrown away, we’ll need a signed customer release form.

Multiple elements come into play. Above all, safety is key. While ServiceMaster by LoveJoy designs its equipment to be as childproof as possible, it’s crucial to monitor children to ensure they don’t tamper with it. The equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers, may be noisy and cause your property to feel breezy for several days. They need to stay on, so if the noise bothers you, consider staying somewhere else temporarily.

Noticing odors as things dry is common. The combination of increased heat and humidity might amplify smells from drying materials or old spills. These shouldn’t be mistaken for mold smells. As drying progresses and humidity lessens, these odors will typically fade. We often use deodorizers to lessen this impact.

Typically, there’s no need to move items. If there’s a need for relocation, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy will give you a heads-up.

Typically, there’s no need to move items. If there’s a need for relocation, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy will give you a heads-up.

It’s not always advisable to open windows to speed up drying. The outdoor weather can be unpredictable; hence our technician will decide if letting in outside air is appropriate.

For your utmost safety, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy advises minimizing foot traffic and always wearing shoes.

Your carpet might be beyond repair due to:

  • The backing detaching from the carpet fibers, known as delamination.
  • The adhesive losing its grip, often due to prolonged water exposure or carpet age.
  • Stubborn stains that won’t go away.
  • Carpet covers wood flooring (to salvage the underlying wood flooring)
  • Sewage contamination.

Water can get trapped under non-porous flooring, preventing proper drying. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy evaluates such floors and aims to restore them effectively.

Carpet on stairs is typically left intact to avoid hazards like exposed tack strips or staples. However, there are circumstances, like the need to safeguard hardwood underneath or in events of sewage contamination, where carpet removal becomes necessary. Removing tack strips might damage the wood or the subfloor, so it’s usually avoided. Always tread cautiously if tack strips are visible or if the stair carpets are wet. If the remaining stair carpet isn’t salvageable, it will be replaced during the new carpet installation.

ServiceMaster by LoveJoy uses a sample of your pad to find a match. If an exact match is available, that will be used. If not, a pad of equivalent quality, thickness, and density will be chosen. Note, that a pad’s color might differ based on its manufacturing date.

ServiceMaster by LoveJoy treats your rugs with specialized attention at their warehouse. Proper drying is crucial to prevent color bleed and any discoloration. Once dried and cleaned, your rugs are returned to you.

In the aftermath of water damage, surfaces like drywall, baseboards, and subflooring tend to absorb water. To effectively dry these, high-velocity air movers are employed to hasten the evaporation of trapped moisture. Concurrently, dehumidifiers play a vital role in eliminating excess moisture, ensuring property protection and fostering efficient drying. Always consult our office before adjusting or shutting off the drying equipment.

The expert team at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy strategically places and oversees equipment to ensure swift and effective drying in the shortest amount of time. It’s crucial that the equipment remains uninterrupted. In the event of a power outage or if the equipment shuts down, please contact ServiceMaster by LoveJoy right away at (678) 293-0297.

On average, the daily operational cost for each drying device is typically less than $1. However, your actual expenses may differ based on the rates set by your local electricity supplier.

Hard surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. If any items can’t be sanitized, they’ll need to be discarded. During ServiceMaster by LoveJoy‘s emergency visit, porous materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation, and others that have been affected will generally be removed.

As the property owner, you are responsible for payment. You will need to sign a form authorizing the work and payment. If this pertains to an insurance claim, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy typically collects only the deductible, and the remainder is billed to your insurer for your convenience. For additional details, reach out to ServiceMaster by LoveJoy at (678) 293-0297.

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