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What to Do With Frozen Pipes in Atlanta, GA

Frozen pipes are common occurrences during a particularly cold winter, which bring a lot of problems to homeowners. Because water expands as it freezes, it can cause its container, such as a pipe, to burst. Burst pipes can cause massive water damage to a property and can even lead to the growth of mold. These events signal costly repairs and would need the service of a professional water and mold damage restoration company, which could be expensive.

If a homeowner has not taken significant preparation to prevent pipes from freezing, there are some ways to deal with them. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy has prepared a list of steps that can be taken in case a pipe gets frozen.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Since it is still early in the winter, there are still some ways to prevent pipes from freezing before the temperature drops dramatically. Keeping the heat in is essential; it is important to keep plumbing in the unheated areas of the home properly insulated, such as in the basement and garage. To allow warm air to circulate around pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, open cabinet doors but ensure that chemicals are kept out of children’s reach. Let the faucet drip if the weather is very cold outside. Lastly, set the thermostat to the same temperature both day and night and set it to a temperature no lower than 55° F if you will be traveling during winter.

How to Deal With Frozen Pipes

In case freezing has not been prevented ahead of time, here’s what a homeowner should do.

Turn off the water supply to reduce pressure on the frozen pipe and to minimize flooding in case the pipe bursts.

Warm the pipe by using an electric hairdryer or by wrapping a section with an electric heating pad or with towels soaked in hot water. This would melt the ice inside. It would be better if the frozen area can be located to concentrate the heat there. Open flames should not be used to heat the pipe. If the ice cannot be thawed or if the frozen area is not accessible, call a licensed plumber to inspect it.

If the pipe is large enough and can be accessed, a garden hose may be pushed through it. Hot water should then be run through the garden hose slowly, until the ice melts. Be careful with this process since the hot water can back up on your end when the garden hose is overfilled.

Inspect the pipe for leaks since water can run through them after the pipe has been thawed.

When a pipe bursts unexpectedly, it’s time to call a professional water damage restoration company to assess and handle the damage.

Winter Water Damage?

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There’s no telling when a frozen pipe will burst, so if you find yourself in the middle of a winter water damage situation, call the experts at ServiceMaster Restore by LoveJoy of Georgia to immediately remove it. Our IICRC-certified firm has a team of licensed and fully bonded technicians who have been trained to this industry’s best practices and can deliver a superior restoration work using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions. We are an Insurance-Preferred Vendor for some of the major insurance companies in Georgia, so you can be sure that you’re getting the highest-quality results the industry has to offer.

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