Lacreshia Hight
Jasmine Muro
Pat Ester
Andrew Steven Williams Jr
Billie Crawford
corine deforest
Shelby medders
Bonnie potter
Christofer yarbrough
Matthew and team were at the house within 2 hours of contacting them. Once on site, they went to work immediately. Everyone was very professional and courteous. They worked well as a team. All our requests were handled. We would definitely recommend their services. Mark Reynolds
Jarrad Reynolds
Armand and deviv did a great job
David Valerie
Quick response and keeping me up to date on what is happening.
Eva T.
Everyone was so nice and did everything that they came out to do on time.
Prompt, professional, and courteous service. Very happy with our experience.
Lillian C
The response time was quick and staff members were courteous and respectful
James R.
They work hard and are willing to help any way they can to make things better
Mark C.
servicemaster by lovejoy is very helpful, very explanatory, always available to answer any questions. The guys did a great service! Thumbs up!
Elijah T.
You guys rock! Really good. I am completely blown away
Connor G

Kimberly V.

Alejandro C
David is the best! He was quick, thorough, & very efficient in removing all of the mold from my connecting laundry room, closet, & bathroom due to a bad leak within the walls
Rae Clark
Very friendly and highly thorough. Great job to Fred and his team.
Steve D.
Great Customer Service! I highly recommend them!
They were very friendly, thoughtful and thorough in what they were doing. As well as being extremely understanding with our feelings, thoughts and opinions. They were there to do a job but at the same time they considered the delima our life was in. Some of the most amazing people to have helping you through the most difficult time in your life.
Priscilla E
Very friendly and thorough…
Joseph R.
Valarie was a great person to deal with at Servicemaster. She is very courteous and caring when a customer is having an issue. People like this are hard to find. Awesome company
Joshua J.
I would like to express my deep appreciation for the professionalism and work ethics of this team. They have come into my home and conducted themselves in a manner that I would consider sharing with others who may need your services. Please note each person were given a task and they came in and got started demonstrating integrity in their assignment. It has been a pleasure working with this team so far.
Deborah B.
The representative was extremely consistent in carpet cleaning techniques through the entire job. Your representative provided additional cleaning care, spot cleaning moderate and heavy traffic areas. Overall, a job well done, deserving appreciation by your company. Many thanks!
Wallace C.
He cleaned the carpet in our rental house. We knew it was impossible to clean all the dirty spots up. We were very surprised he cleaned it as well as he did. I will recommend you to other people.
Came early, and did a great job. Explained about cleaning Wool rugs,a lot of things I did not know.
Your company has always done a wonderful job, the man that comes to my home is always the same one and is so nice, and my carpets are old but look great when he leaves.
Technician was very efficient and discerning. Job was completed in minimal time and carpets looked very clean. Cost was reasonable. I plan to use your service again.
Immediate attention to problems.
Staff is always helpful and answers all of our questions. Work is completed quickly and professionally.
Fieldcrest Walk Apartments
Down to Earth – told me what needed to be done and how they were going to do it and didn’t try to throw in a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. They were responsive to my questions. I also found the people who came into my house were respectful of not only me, but my house and tried their best to be nonintrusive. I felt the people I interacted were honest and trying to do their best.
Crystal K.
You always do an extremely creditable job of returning us to normal conditions as quickly as possible with the least amount of”fuss.”
Quick response and polite well trained employees. They cleaned up the water quickly and got the floors dry in just 2 days. I was very impressed I would definitely rate them a 10.
Grady T.
Donna L Reeves
Rachel Miller
Brian Niehaus
Vanessa Hinkle
Tammy Solomon
sophie rigby
Charles Carter
sharon donegan
Service master is an outstanding company. We recently had major water damage where our entire downstairs was flooded with water. Service master not only removed the damaged flooring but found molding in areas that we were unaware of. As they were cleaning they even found a $50 dollar bill in which they immediately notified me. I would like to give a huge Thank you to Matthew the supervisor for keeping us inform and to Mike F and Betsy for also Making such a difficult situation So much better. Thanks service master you're the best.
Emilio Reed
Fantastic service by Service Master (by LoveJoy). They made an appointment with us, kept their time. They were able to find the wet spots with mold after a hurricane & professionally removed & dried the are... taking care to cover furniture & floors- very professional! Matthew was the field supervisor & was great. He made sure that his clean up crew tidied everything up when they left- thank you Rudy & Chica!
Thomas DeRoche
Very professional, dependable, & timely response
Evelyn W.
Fast and friendly. Excellent advice. Punctual timing
Emma B.
Their quick response, courtesy, and kept me informed on what was going on. Let me know exactly what they were going to do.
Sophia F.
We are pleased with our experience so far with Servicemaster by Lovejoy. Everyone we have dealt with has been very professional and sensitive to our needs during this difficult time.
Kevin P.
Keep up the excellent work. Servicemaster by Lovejoy is great.
Madison A.
Servicemaster by Lovejoy is great when it comes to carpet cleaning. It's really wonderful. I will recommend you to my colleagues
Bob A.
John and his team arrived on time. Highly professional and knows their stuff. I would totally recommend them to my friends and office mates…they are the best.
Steve D.
My experience with ServiceMaster by Lovejoy was phenomenal. I had significant standing water and water damage on two floors of my house due to a pipe that had burst while we were away. They showed up at 3am with comforting smiles and willingness to work through the night. They continued to come back daily for over a week to continue drying and cleaning up the mess. They were courteous, professional, diligent and comforting during what could have been a very stessful event. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing their services.
Jess T.
Best Option for Any Black Mold Removal Services around Georgia.
Ethan H.
Highly recommend ServiceMaster for your next repair or job to be done! Great customer service and Great work done every time!!
Valerie P.
Prompt, technician was diligent to verify service requests and asked about concerns. Techincian gave us information on the longevity of our carpets and when to call in for additonal services.
The short amount of time for the crew to arrive at my home, and how well the job was done, by the tech Rick. Even weeks after the cleaning was done, we returned home from a weekend trip, and our home still has a fresh and clean smell. Great to come home to.
Prompt. Did a good job cleaning.
Friendly technician who did an excellent job cleaning my carpets at a reasonable price.
I like that you use steam and not the drycleaning method. I think the steam is much better at cleaning our carpets. Also, Rick, the serviceman, was very nice and helpful. I have already given your number to someone else at my church, Jeanne Vaala in Madison, GA.
Excellent cleaning and very professional technician.
I sent an email to your company letting you know how pleased we were with the service. The carpets looked very nice afterwards.
Timely response
Very responsive from the initial phone call for clean-up through the completed restoration. They worked very closely with our insurance company. No surprises.
Prompt service and courtesy.
From the initial phone call everyone was courteous and friendly
They was very prompt, answered all my concerns and/questions
Angela W.
Quick, courteous
The crew did a great job fixing my problem and getting it back to normal. It took a few days to get it right, but the end result was perfect. I will definitely recommend Service Master to my friends.
Greg H.
It is quick, professional, polite, and know what they are doing and telling us what is going on and what we can expect from your services.
Good work
Debra Holt
Sarah Breneman
Michelle Masser
Ayanna Ford
K kolby
robert williams
ana gonzalez
stephanie meissner
Every step was fully explained and the representatives were informative and very helpful. Delightful to work with.
Madison A.
The clean up was great. The people you employ were very nice and knowledgeable.
John D.
We have no regrets! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. It's all good
Sophia F.
They put in long hours and are eager to assist in every way they can to improve things.
James G.
I had engaged ServiceMaster by Lovejoy to do a dry out after my home flooded from a leaking water heater. They were timely and professional and did a great job. I engaged another company to do the reconstruction and after months of chasing after them to respond, I finally called SML and they were again responsive and professional and now by home is even better than it was before. Great job Chris and team! I highly recommend.
Vencilla E.
Had a pleasant experience dealing with Valerie and Anna today, what a great would recommend!
William H.
Staff was very courteous and thorough
Hello! Gary and his team did an excellent job cleaning the damage from the fire yesterday and today. Thank you for your service. One happy customer!
Myeisha K.
The quality of the cleaning and the attention to detail.
Good service and got the stains out!
ServiceMaster did an excellent job with cleaning my carpet, in all the rooms. I will surely utilize this service again.
Sonia P.
Careful, knowledgeable, conscientious workers and a clean carpet.
The technician was very friendly and informative. He also did a great job on my carpet. I highly recommend ServiceMaster By LoveJoy.
Punctual, good work, knowledge about carpets
It was affordable and very professional. My carpet looked brand new.
Friendly, good clean job.
Quality Job. My carpets look great. Pricing was extremely reasonable.
Just wanted to let you know what an awesome job Gary and his crew did today at our home. They were all so courteous and professional, and did an excellent job cleaning up and smoke damage. Thanks so much!
Joni S.
The quick and reliable service we received. Although the machine was noisy for a couple of days, you came out immediately to our home to stop what could have been worse damage.
Veronica R.
I’m pretty satisfied so I can’t think of anything right now
The work perform is very good and employees are great
Did a very good job on cleaning up once you finished the job
Immediate response to resolve our issue.
Alice J.
Everyone was friendly and honest. Price was very reasonable and they helped me customize an option to keep the price down and take care of what I needed
You were very detailed like you said you would be. Thanks
The techs kept me abreast of progress, were knowledgeable and friendly.
I was kept informed of all the work and what would be happening
They were very prompt to respond, always available to answer questions and very helpful in resolving all the issues that arose from my water problem .
Sandra S.
Everyone was courteous and professional. Work was completed in a timely manner.
Jimmy P.
Was able to work with me on a short time frame
They responded quickly, were courteous, displayed care for their service
Both your estimators and your technical folks are friendly and knowledgeable. Especially when dealing with the necessary but frustrating rules and regs at Spire Condos they were quite understanding and did their best to follow the rules and yet get the job done. As a non-resident owner the logistics of getting the work done required extra effort, but no one complained. The office staff were friendly and helpful at all times. I could not have asked for a better team to handle my problem.
Diane B.