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How to Determine a Proper Structural Drying Service in Atlanta

A couple of decades ago, experts in the flood recovery and water damage restoration industry were mostly just concerned with drying out carpets and other floor coverings

But beginning in 1995’s, our industry began to discover significant new consequences of structural water damage, like mold, damage to electronics infrastructure, and other health risks. We at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy soon realized there was more involved when any building, either home or business, suffers a deluge of unwanted water.

We provide a swift response service where our process of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification with qualified ServiceMaster by LoveJoy Technicians attend affected sites with effective results:

Why Use Our Structural Drying Services?

Water can soak internally more than 20 centimeters into porous building materials like drywall construction, and even concrete supports, flooring & framework in as little as 8 hours!

Water can collect and hide in unexpected places after a flood, like bottom sill plates of walls and doors. There might even be several layers of different materials that are soaked. Nowadays property owners need to think about thoroughly drying the entire structure.

Advanced Structural Drying Methods

With the help of professionals like those at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy, you can have advanced structural drying methods to any building or area, from the smallest apartment to the largest commercial warehouse. Immediate and thorough drying is necessary to help prevent excess mold growth and long-term health hazards. You’ll also eliminate musty odors and save thousands in reconstruction costs with professional structural drying.

Structural drying and restoration performed with advanced modern tools by the IICRC qualified staff at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy aim at returning the flooded area to its pre-damage condition without minimum repair or refurbishment required.