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If flooding occurs in your home or business, we at ServiceMaster by LoveJoy want to educate you on how critical it is to dry the structure and contents as quickly as possible to avoid additional damages. Our team is trained and certified in assessing your damage and removing excess moisture to accomplish pre-water damage condition of your property.

Carpet, Hardwood Floor, and tile flooring can be saved depending on the type of water that caused the damage. Carpet can often be saved with just the padding requiring replacement depending on the level of saturation. Hardwood flooring also can be saved dependent on the type of flooding. Special factors play a role in Hardwood flooring and it is imperative that water does not stand for a lengthy period of time and you react to hiring a water removal company as soon as you see flooding. Tile floors also depending upon the type of water damage can be saved depending on how quickly we can start the clean up and drying process. If for some reason you were unaware of a water damage situation and the water was not extracted as optimally quickly as necessary, replacement of the flooring or carpet may be required.

You can rest assured knowing that ServiceMaster by LoveJoy’s flooring team is not only experienced and qualified in fixing or correcting a water damage issue, we also are flooring experts in replacing any type of flooring as well.

Drywall and Framing can also be affected by a flooded home or business. Thorough dry out processes sometimes require the removal of portions of drywall or all and insulation, depending on how long the water had covered the flooring and saturated the walls and structural frame. Our experienced proactive thorough process has one ultimate goal in mind.

  • To Prevent Mold
  • Dry Out the Damaged Area Fast with the least amount of demolition
  • Prevent Future Damage or Contamination
  • Outline a plan and execute that plan with homeowner, business owner and insurance company communication
  • Restore Peace of Mind by being available to our community 24/7

Call us.  Our local community member in your neighborhood is available now.

water damage restoration servicemaster by lovejoy

Water Damage

If the structure is not dried properly personal property can be damaged and mold growth can start to occur. With our quick response we can reduce your suffering and save you money.

fire damage restoration servicemaster by lovejoy

Fire Damage

When you contact ServiceMaster for fire and smoke restoration, we will utilize proprietary cleaning methods and technology using a five step process: emergency pre-cleaning…

Storm and Disaster Emergency Services by ServiceMaster by LoveJoy

Storm & Disaster Emergency

HVAC systems have shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants, such as mold, fungi, bacteria and dust, which have the potential to affect our health.

mold remediation servicemaster

Mold Inspection and Remediation

HVAC systems have shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants, such as mold, fungi, bacteria and dust, which have the potential to affect our health.

Customer's Feedback

  • Dear Service Master by LoveJoy:

    Once again, thank you for your professionalism during my time of need. Your company was truly a “God Send” and for that I am extremely thankful. Enclosed please find a check for $2,046.22 for your services. Please give me a courtesy call once you have received this letter and check. My cell phone number is 404.226.3705.

    Warmest regards,

    John R. Hughley, Jr.

    John R. Hughley, Jr.
  • Hello!
    Gary and his team did an excellent job cleaning the damage from the fire yesterday and today. Thank you for your service. One happy customer!

    Myeisha Kirton-Johnson
  • I would like to express my deep appreciation for the professionalism and work ethics of this team. They have come into my home and conducted themselves in a manner that I would consider sharing with others who may need your services. Please note each person were given a task and they came in and got started demonstrating  integrity in their assignment. It has been a pleasure working with this team so far.

    Deborah Bolton
  • Prompt, technician was diligent to verify service requests and asked about concerns. Techincian gave us information on the longevity of our carpets and when to call in for additonal services.

  • The quality of the cleaning and the attention to detail.

  • I had smoke damage to my furniture and Rick H was very thorough. He took a great deal of time and make sure everything was cleaned.

    Linda Mitchell
  • The short amount of time for the crew to arrive at my home, and how well the job was done, by the tech Rick. Even weeks after the cleaning was done, we returned home from a weekend trip, and our home still has a fresh and clean smell. Great to come home to.

  • Good service and got the stains out!

  • ServiceMaster did an excellent job with cleaning my carpet, in all the rooms. I will surely utilize this service again.

    Sonia Pughsley
  • The representative was extremely consistent in carpet cleaning techniques through the entire job. Your representative provided additional cleaning care, spot cleaning moderate and heavy traffic areas. Overall, a job well done, deserving appreciation by your company. Many thanks!

    Wallace Conner
  • Careful, knowledgeable, conscientious workers and a clean carpet

  • Prompt. Did a good job cleaning.


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