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Why Get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House in Conyers, Georgia?

Real estate disclosure laws may or may not require sellers to divulge to potential buyers everything they know about a property that may affect the sale.

It is different for every state but essentially has the same purpose, which is to protect the purchaser from having buyers’ remorse and the seller from a potentially lengthy and expensive lawsuit down the road.


Georgia law does not require a disclosure form. Still, sellers do have to inform the prospective buyer of any known material defects that could compromise the structural integrity of the property or diminish its value, but that is the catch right there. It has to be or should have been known by the seller during the time of sale.


This is called the Caveat Emptor Rule, which literally translates to “let the buyer beware.” If the defect should have been found in the performance of standard house care practice, then it falls under negligence, and the seller is liable. The same goes if the hidden defect could not have been found by the buyer while doing standard house care practice


This becomes the point of contention if you unknowingly bought a house in Conyers, Georgia with molds. You have to be able to prove that the mold was already there during the time of sale and that the seller should have known about it.

Needless to say, this is a complicated process to go through. Even if you do win in the end, you would have gone through so much grief during the lawsuit.


Imagine finally getting your own home after saving up for years or condemning yourself to a lifetime of paying a mortgage, then finding molds threatening to undo all of your hard work and compromising the health of your family. Mold usually starts growing in places that you cannot easily see, that is why the underlying problem will most likely worsen by the time you do see the first signs of it growing. Mold weakens the structural integrity of your house and, if unchecked, could cost you a significant amount in repairs

Its effect on health, on the other hand, may not be lethal but detrimental just the same. Complications from mold exposure include respiratory illnesses, skin irritations, and headaches, to name a few.


So why put yourself through all these? If there is such a thing as “defensive driving,” you should also exercise defensive buying. Prioritize your safety and protect yourself from unwittingly buying a house with mold.


When buying a house in Conyers, Georgia, ask the seller to have it inspected by a certified company that does mold inspection in Conyers GA. Be proactive; do not rely on the seller’s disclosure alone, and to make sure you get the best service available in Conyers, call ServiceMaster by Lovejoy.

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