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Tips to Remove Bad Odors after Water Damage

Most of us are familiar with that dank smell that comes with the water damage package. May it be in form of a pipe leak or seepage through the walls, water damage leaves a musty odor and encourages the growth of mold which can pose threats to our health if left unattended. In the presence of water damage, it is helpful to secure the services of a damage restoration company to enable a team of professionals to inspect, clean, and restore your damaged property, and afterwards you can take some steps to further remove and prevent mildew smells from your home.


Provide adequate ventilation to the area concerned to speed up drying. If the immediate surroundings have windows, open them to let the air in. You may also use dehumidifiers to help eliminate moisture remaining in the air. To remove lingering bad smells from your carpet, spray a mixture of vinegar and warm water on it, careful not to wet it too much to prevent more mold from growing. For quick absorption of odors and moisture, apply baking soda to the affected area and leave it on for a satisfactory amount of time before you vacuum it. Do not be tempted to use bleach because it only destroys live mold but not mold spores. To remove bad smell and kill mold from items that can be washed, add two cups of white vinegar to the washer.

You can place open containers filled with vinegar or baking soda around your house to help absorb bad odors. Taking care of the mold-and-odor problem after a water damage incident will result into a fresh-smelling home. Always take immediate actions at the first signs of water damage to prevent further problems from developing. If you feel like you might need a little assistance and are looking for a water damage restoration company in GeorgiaServiceMaster by LoveJoy has established a reputation of providing high-quality water damage restoration and mold remediation services. Call us at 678-293-0297 or request an appointment today!