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Tips on How to Effectively Reduce Mold in Atlanta, Georgia

Mold is an unpleasant household issue which can not only cause material and aesthetic damage, but also pose health risks to families, employees, staff and customers due to the allergens and irritants it produces. Fortunately, mold issues are preventable and can be avoided. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy discusses basic facts about mold and how it can be prevented.

What is Mold?

Most Common Types of Mold in Homes





How to Reduce Mold Development

Proper ventilation

Temperature regulation

Area dry-out

Dry clothes properly

Utilize mold-resistant products

Worst of all, mold is stubborn. You can spray, scrub and paint over it, but chances are you’ll see it—and smell it—again. That’s why you need a mold remediation expert like Servicemaster by LoveJoy.

We’re a born and bred Conyers team of damp and mold specialists who have made thousands of homes mold-free, from commercial and industrial buildings to apartments, from high-rise buildings to basements.

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Mold Cleaning with Full Gear

If steps are missed, your house or company may be left with lingering issues, or worse yet, the entire problem returns. Call us now for immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.