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State Farm Water Damage Claim and Sewage Cleanup Conyers

ServiceMaster after hours service received a call from a State Farm agent for a sewage/ water loss in Conyers, Georgia this was an emergency call.

The main drain had backed up into the basement of a home. We dispatched the tech that was on call for the night, he and his helper arrived at the home within one and half hours. The certified water tech inspected the affected area of the home by seeing what all was affected by using moisture meters to detect where any water may have went we refer to this as the hide and seek. Once the tech had found what all was affected he began extracting (removing) the sewage from the basement the tech also noticed there where a lot of boxes and other contents where affected. He removed the dry non affecting contents out of the boxes so they didn’t get damaged and boxed them in new dry boxes while the wet items he took pictures and put them into bags so they could not affect anything else he left them there so the adjuster could look at the contents and write them off there was also some drywall that was affected the tech went ahead and removed the drywall once the water was removed and contents where taken care of then the tech moped and sanitized the floor and affected walls then placed drying equipment the tech set several air movers and Dehus to remove the moisture out of the structure. The equipment will run for three to five days to dry out the structure once the home is dry the tech will re clean the floors in the basement the tech will also clean the carpets up stairs due to the only way in is through the main level of the home. So by getting there within a few hours of the water loss service master was able to minimize the damage. By removing the affected contents from the non affected contents removing the sewage out of the floor and sanitizing the affected area killing any bacteria that may have been there.

Other great job by the water damage pro ServiceMaster by LoveJoy.