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Protect Your Roswell, GA Home from Mold

Where there’s moisture, there can be mold. Molds are pervasive, which means they exist anywhere and everywhere. With their huge population, they can be hazardous to our health and lead to serious respiratory infections and allergic reactions. The only way to get rid of mold is to locate where it mostly grows, so it can go through the process called mold remediation. Learn about mold remediation and how it can protect your home or facility from mold damage.

Common Types of Mold Found in Homes

How to Protect Your Home from Mold Damage

Locate the moisture.

Create a remediation plan.

Calculate the extent of the contamination.

The Mold Remediation Process

This process includes the cleanup of the existing mold as well as the prevention of new growth without harming the homeowners and the handyman.

The cleanup process is the same for Level 1 and Level 2 mold remediation and it comprises of these steps:

The Final Check Up

Mold remediation cannot be performed by an ordinary handyman; if the area cannot be thoroughly cleaned, the mold will keep growing and will compromise your family’s safety.

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Mold Inspection

We offer water damage restoration and mold inspection and remediation for both residential and commercial properties. Don’t know what to do next? We do. Contact us today.