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How to Keep Coronavirus Out of Your Home

The world was caught off-guard when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. Who would have thought that with all our knowledge and advancement in technology, a tiny virus would force us out of our workplaces and keep us inside our homes for months now?

The basic defense against this virus is still cleanliness. We need coronavirus cleanup in Atlanta GA to keep ourselves from worrying and being in constant fear of getting the virus.

The following are helpful tips that you can apply in your household to keep it from any contamination.

Don’t bring the virus with you.

Although keeping away from the crowd or possible carriers of the disease is mainly achieved by staying at home, there are instances when you have to go out to buy your groceries or medicines and hygiene kits. Hence, you have to be strategic and make a game plan. Only one person in your household should be assigned to do errands outside your home.


Set up a place outside your home or a room near the entrance not frequently entered by other members of your family. This will serve as a place where you can disinfect packaged food as well as your hands and clothing used when you got out of your premises.


The moment you go out of your home, always keep a six feet distance from other people. Inside the shops, you have to sanitize by wiping handles of baskets of carts before using them


As much as possible, wear masks when you are outside and wash your hands as often as possible and avoid touching your face. When you get back home, take off your mask and clothes and put them in the laundry. You also have to avoid touching anything inside your home without first washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds


Use the disinfecting station to clean take out boxes and packaged foods. You also have to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before putting them in your kitchen


Regularly disinfect high-touch areas in your house such as light switches, door knobs, keys, phones, remote controls, keyboards and others. Make sure you are using EPA-approved disinfectants like Clorox disinfecting wipes and Lysol sprays. Leave the surfaces wet for about three to five minutes.


When receiving delivery, ask the workers to drop them off on your doorstep or in an area in your unit. If you need to sign something, keep a healthy six feet distance from them. Avoid using cash payments, instead pay and tip online as much as possible. Wash your hands and disinfect the package.


Don’t shake dirty laundry to avoid spreading the virus in the air. Wash clothes, linens, and towels in the warmest setting regularly. Disinfect your laundry hamper or put a removable liner inside it. Use gloves and masks when doing your laundry.


To keep you and your loved ones away from the virus, you should not allow guests over your home in the meantime.

This pandemic will soon be less of a problem after new treatments become available but we have to do our part in avoiding its spread. You can seek the services of coronavirus decontamination in Atlanta, GA, to make sure your home is virus-free.

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