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How Does ServiceMaster by Lovejoy Decontaminate Coronavirus?

Complicating the task of proper decontamination and disinfection is the fact that information about COVID-19 is scarce and changes regularly.

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy has increased efforts to assist with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. With new cases of Coronavirus infections being reported daily and the impact being felt across the globe, ServiceMaster by Lovejoy has committed their own resources to further the education, communication, and treatment of facilities possibly impacted by or preparing for COVID-19.

Concentrating on the treatment and decontamination of facilities and buildings, the experts at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy have identified several disinfection procedures and systems to help provide the most effective results available. We now utilize the VI Electrostatic Spray Delivery System along with the ESS system for large area sanitation. This electrostatic spray delivery system is more efficient, reduces waste, and delivers a more uniform distribution of bio-sanitizing agents over uneven surfaces. Researching and testing various decontamination methods is something ServiceMaster by Lovejoy does continuously; however, special precautions need to be taken in extreme situations such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Electrostatic Spray Delivery System is a method of applying a coating, cleaner, disinfectant, or other liquid, that involves applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface. The result is a more efficient process with numerous advantages. It is important to understand how electrostatic spraying works and why it is advantageous to use this method in order to get the most out of your cleaning processes.

This service offering has EPA approval to provide full sanitation in 30 minutes with no required post-delivery wipedown, meaning you can use the facility after being sprayed, except for food surfaces which may take 10 minutes for activity resumption and use of the entire food facility. This verifiable scientific fact is best described as a full wraparound coverage of the target surface and vent uptake areas. The underside, backside, nooks, crevices, and edging of the target surface is literally “wrapped” in the sanitizing solution in microscopic (900 times smaller than conventional sprayers or foggers) mist distribution.

The field applicability of VI Electrostatic Spray Delivery System also depends on its ability to minimize cross-contamination among field personnel and equipment, to limit the spread of contamination beyond the area of initial contamination, and to minimize additional risks to personnel. It provides full sanitation within 30 seconds of contact for greater than 99.999% of microbes, including Staphylococcus aureusMRSA VREPandemic A H1N1 and all other microbial organisms commonly identified. In a four-minute kill time in regards to 99.99% of viruses such as the Noroviruand Human Coronavirus, our product has demonstrated effectiveness in SARS-CoV-2 virus similarity kill.

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy has committed resources to monitor changes and developments from respected sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This constant research, education, and communication provide ServiceMaster by Lovejoy with valuable information not only about the virus itself but the reaction of people and businesses related to news reports and potential challenges with decontamination.

Our cleaning services aim to prevent the spread of the disease, but once it has spread we are trained in how to completely sanitize the affected environment. ServiceMaster by Lovejoy helps to prevent flu or any other virus, including COVID-19.

As a trusted leader in the cleaning industry, ServiceMaster by Lovejoy is dedicated to providing clean and healthy environments. Our goal is to reduce the threat of an outbreak through proper cleaning and facility care combined with education of occupant hygiene procedures. We strive to use these services to greatly alleviate threats to your facility.

We use products that are designed to kill any bacterium without causing any irritation or harm to those who come in contact with it. Because we strive to provide unparalleled customer service, ServiceMaster by Lovejoy focuses on decontamination, routine cleaning, as well as extra precautions around high-touch surfaces. We will work hard to sanitize your space after the spread of any illness and provide education on how employees can work to keep themselves safe.

For customers requesting scheduled decontamination, we offer cost-effective, scheduled treatments on a rotating basis with consideration to the traffic patterns and population affected.

A regular scheduling is generally requested to ensure the highest level protection of the facility. We at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy are ready to provide your facility, residents, staff, and visitors with the best possible service and protection. Whether your office or home is experiencing an outbreak or if you realize you need help taking steps to avoid one from happening, give us a call today to get started.