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Home Fire Safety and Prevention Checklists You Need to Remember

House fires in  Conyers, GA are one of the most dangerous types of issues that can happen in your home. From fireplaces to cookers and portable heaters, fire safety should be at the front of your mind at all times. Keeping your house safe in Conyers, GA with a fully functioning fire alarm is your first line of defense. It’s important to make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions – to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

Problems Caused by Fire Damage

Fire causes several different types of damage to the property. The flames themselves cause primary damage by destroying furnishings and structural elements of the building. Corrosive byproducts, such as soot, smoke, and residue, cause secondary damage like water damage and mold, harming building materials and personal belongings. These corrosive byproducts are created by the burning of synthetic materials, which are involved in synthetic fires, the most common type of house fire.

Fire Safety Checklist

Completing these simple checks around your home will give you some peace of mind.


Cooking Showcase

Electrical equipment

1. Plugs and sockets

For plugs and sockets, watch for:

White Wall Sockets

2. Cables and leads

Don’t take risks with cables and leads. Check if leads are:

3. Appliances

For electrical appliances, you should not:

4. Maintenance


Fires from smoking materials can be avoided by:

Smoking Cigarette with Black Background

Candles, Decorative Lights, and Decorations

1. Candles

Keep these safety tips in mind whenever you use candles at home:

Candles on the Table

2. Decorative Lights

Fairy lights and Christmas tree lights don’t get used very often so you should make sure they’re in good working order before using them:

Christmas Tree Decoration

3. Decorations

Here’s an instant checklist focusing on fire safety basics:

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Fire is considered one of the most dangerous disasters because of how much damage it does to a property and the risk it poses to people’s lives. Fires can easily spread throughout the house, which is why immediate action must be taken.

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