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Home Design Ideas for Thanksgiving 2019


Hosting a Thanksgiving party these days is not as simple anymore as preparing the turkey and the feast. Of course, you have to set the mood for your guests so that they feel the holiday vibe in your home. Not only would you want your home to have the Thanksgiving feel, you would also want to offer a cozy temporary home for your guests. Here are some home ideas for Thanksgiving 2019 that you may adopt for your home.

Organize and Clean Common Living Areas

Before you can achieve a cozy and homey Thanksgiving abode, you have to make sure that your home is clean and organized. You will be welcoming family and guests into your home for a few days, so your house must be snug and tidy and holiday-ready. Weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, you can have your house checked for any damage or restoration need. For services such as water damage restoration in Atlanta GAServiceMaster by Lovejoy is one company you can depend on.

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy also does fire damage restoration in Atlanta GA. Companies like ServiceMaster by Lovejoy are experts in making your home look new despite disasters such as typhoons, floods or fires. Homes can develop molds when exposed to moisture during flooding. If your house has been through one, an Atlanta GA mold removal company such as ServiceMaster by Lovejoy can answer your indoor air quality problems before your Thanksgiving guests and family arrive. Tidying up and organizing the living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms is the first step to creating an aura of Thanksgiving in your home.

Incorporate Fall Colors into your Decorations

Thanksgiving holidays fall during the autumn season, that is why it is mostly associated with warm colors of yellow and orange. You can use your pumpkins to serve as flower vases, which would look great as centerpieces on your dinner table or as decors in your living room side tables. Autumn leaves have vibrant colors and are great yet economical pieces of decorations you can use. You can use them as accents on your center tables or create an artistic wreath you can hang on your front door to welcome your guests. Instead of using actual fall leaves, you may use colored papers in autumn colors and use these to decorate your Thanksgiving table. You can also offer these as note papers that guests and family can use to write thank-you notes, which you can read during Thanksgiving dinner.

Creating a home that gives off a Thanksgiving air to it is easy as long as you make it cozy and tidy for your guests. A general contractor in Atlanta GA, such as ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, can help you in this aspect. For details on the services they offer, call 678-293-0297 or visit