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Emergency Water Damage Repair in Covington Georgia

Do you often worry about water damage in your Covington, Georgia property? Well, it is significant for you to find a reliable water damage restoration company that can help you tidy up things in the event of a water leak in the roof or break in a water pipe. When your property floods, you know how damaging water can be, ruining the structure of your property and belongings and posing health hazards.

ServiceMaster by LoveJoy, Professional Water Damage Restoration Experts In Covington, Georgia

Preventing Water Damage

We understand it is not an enjoyable experience to have your home or business property and valuable possessions damaged. As water damage restoration experts in Covington, Georgia, we are dedicated to helping you from the time that we receive a call from a customer in Covington, Georgia.


With a team of IICRC certified technicians in Covington, Georgia we feel confident in delivering no less than the best service for our clients to get the job done. We are skilled in:


A customer had a lake house and only went there once or twice a month. While the customer was not there, a supply line to the upstairs kitchen sink had busted, affecting the kitchen upstairs, the kitchen downstairs, and the rec room he had made. The customer was a big college football fan and had everything you could imagine to do with this football team.

The ceiling had fallen through, in the basement, and the flooring, which was laminate flooring, had buckled up. The paneling on the walls had also started to swell up. Before we could do anything, we had to remove all of his football collectibles. We boxed and bubble warped everything in the room so nothing got broken. The customer was so happy we took the time to take care of his stuff first instead of immediately ripping and tearing out everything.

What we did:

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal, Dry Out, Cleanup And Damage Repair in Covington, Georgia

With ServiceMaster by LoveJoy, you can rest assured that your property will return to normal soon, for we understand any delay can be damaging and may cause mold formation. As a water damage company in Covington, Georgia, we also offer mold removal services. To us, your satisfaction comes first, and our emergency crews are always ready with the equipment to come to your rescue as and when the need arises. Call us immediately and we will be at your location within 45 minutes of your call.