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COVID-19 Decontamination by ServiceMaster by Lovejoy

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy / ServiceMaster of Roswell utilizes the VI Electostatic Spray Delivery System along with the ESS system for large area sanitation. The delivery method to be used for sanitizing is critical for high use areas. The electrostatic molecular ionization of the bio-sanitizing agent is an effective, measurable delivery method that insures full surface, interior structure and venting coverage of sanitation solution delivery. Using air assisted electrostatic spraying provides the benefit of what is known as the electrostatic wrap around phenomenon. This verifiable scientific fact is best described as a full wraparound coverage of the target surface and vent uptake areas. The underside, back side, nooks, crevices and edging of the target surface is literally “wrapped” in the sanitizing solution in microscopic (900 times smaller than conventional sprayer of foggers) mist distribution. This coverage is obtained with NO REQUIRED POST DELIVERY WIPE DOWN, with the exception of food surfaces. Food surfaces may be used within 10 minutes after water wipe down for food contact areas only using microfiber cloth Food prep, staff and student traffic and regular seating activity resumption may occur within 10 minutes.

Our Product offering has EPA Approval to provide full sanitation within 30 seconds of contact for grater than 99.999% of microbes including Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA VRE, Pandemic A H1N1 and all other microbial organisms commonly identified with a 4 minute kill time in regards to 99.99% of viruses such as the Norovirus and Human Coronavirus, our product has demonstrated effectiveness in SARS-CoV-2 virus similarity kill. The disease that this causes in the COVID-19. Information relative to the medical implications of this disease is available on the CDC website. By using the combination of electrostatic delivery with products that are non abrasive, botanically derived and sanitize with no  bleaching, chlorine or phosphates.Standard PPE protection is not necessary for the technicians applying the product. Your students are staff with respiratory or immunocompromised medical conditions are not known to be affected by the small molecule protection provided to them with our delivery products.

We offer the highest quality, most reliable delivery method using the best products available for safety, comfort and assurance of contaminant elimination available. For our customers requesting scheduled decontamination, we offer cost effective, scheduled treatments on a rotating basis with consideration to the traffic patterns and population affected. Monthly scheduling is generally requested to insure highest level protection of the facility.

We at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy / ServiceMaster of Roswell are ready to provide your facility, residents, staff and visitors with the best possible service and protection. Our products are used in our own offices and available to our employees for use in their homes. We believe in what we are providing to our customer base.

Pierce S. Burton
Vice President of Sales

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy