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Business Fire Emergency? Create Your Action Plan


Fewer have the resolve to see it through, and even fewer still actually succeed at it. The risks are high and adversity numerous that having a successful business means one has undergone trial by fire, the metaphorical kind. Imagine having it all taken away in the blink of an eye by the literal one.

The risk of fires is very real but also very preventable. There are many ways to reduce the likelihood of fires occurring or causing too much damage, not only to your property but also to people.

The easiest and by far the cheapest is by creating and enforcing policies in your place of business that ensure that fire-causing objects, such as matchboxes or lighters, are not brought into the workplace. Another way is through segregation. If the fire agent is a part of work, say alcohol is being used as a cleaning agent for a part of some machine, provide flame-proof cabinets or any enclosed storage to ensure that they do not come in contact with a spark and inadvertently cause a fire, and position these cabinets or storage bins in a place with room temperature to avoid spontaneous combustion. You can also provide fire extinguishers in places where the risk of fire is high, such as near heating equipment, and conduct regular fire safety training for the personnel, so they know how to use a fire extinguisher if the need arises. In addition, identify emergency fire exits and escape routes and include these in the regular training so as not to cause stampede and confusion when a fire happens.

Comply to fire safety regulations, and you will have gone a long way in ensuring your business is safe from fire damage, statistically speaking, but for very rare cases, despite your best efforts, such an emergency can still happen. The good news is you are hardly powerless against it. The first part of your contingency plan could be to get fire insurance. It may take a sizable chunk of your profits, especially if you are running a small business, but think of it as paying not only for security for your business but for your peace of mind. The second part is to hire professionals if a fire has already damaged your place of business. One such company that specializes in fire damage restoration in Atlanta, Georgia is ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, who has IICRC-certified fire damage restoration technicians in Atlanta. They also do restoration for water damage and mold remediation projects not only for businesses but also for homes, including full house cleaning services from carpets to upholstery.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention better than a pound of cure. But if in need of this cure and fast, call ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, the best fire damage restoration company in Atlanta, Georgia since 1999. You can reach ServiceMaster by Lovejoy at 678-293-0297 or you can visit their website at for fire damage restoration in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby counties.