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Beware of Water Damage Scams

Water damage incidents arise as well as scams schemed by random contractors that visit properties. After experiencing a flood, you may find a stranger at your door talking something and offering reduced flood repair services. These individuals may not be legitimate contractors. The good news is that there are methods for identifying and avoiding them.

Call ServiceMaster by LoveJoy – the restoration specialist in Conyers – if you are in a panic to choose a company to manage a problem in your house or office. We have provided water restoration services of the finest caliber for decades. And we strongly recommend you to educate yourself on the following deceptions to save time and dollars.

Incapable Contractors

Many contractors that promote services for water damage are not IICRC certified firms, prepared, and licensed to manage floods or any disaster. It is better to review a water damage clean-up and repair contractor’s license beforehand by visiting and

Non-specialized Industries

If your prospective water damage contractor is a carpet cleaner or a plumber, you can question their ability to accomplish the required services. Most plumbers and carpet cleaners simply attempt and dry out properties and all-out mold removal at your cost while they earn. You are going to need an authentic skilled professional. At ServiceMaster by LoveJoy, we provide the 100% quality and service you expect by finishing the job completely and correctly.

Unlawful Kickbacks to Plumbers

Be mindful of your plumber referred to the water restoration firm after they settled the flood damage. The restoration enterprise commonly gives illicit bribes and compensation. This is saddening since the industry norm is for a plumbing repairperson to acquire a $500 kickback for directing your flood damage to a restoration corporation. And, that expense will be a hidden charge to you.

Hire a Trusted Flood Restoration Professional

Certain water damages after a disaster are totally expensive and may take several days or weeks to be fully restored. However, these would depend on the size of the catastrophe that hit your home or business.

Sometimes too speedy transactions for restoration services may result in more costs and poor quality of work. Do the following tips before trusting your property to a restoration specialist, and avoid falling into the trap of scam contractors:

Why Choose ServiceMaster by LoveJoy?

Entrusting your home or business establishment to unlicensed contractors is a risky step. You may waste your money, time, and effort with the possible further damages. You can stop the losses beforehand by employing ServiceMaster by LoveJoy to complete restoration works for you.

ServiceMaster by LoveJoy is locally owned and operated by Christopher LoveJoy and his team in Conyers, GA. We are in the community and are prepared to respond immediately when your property requires a water damage restoration. ServiceMaster by LoveJoy is one of the franchises in ServiceMaster Restore’s national network, which gives us more resources to respond quickly.

You can be confident that ServiceMaster by LoveJoy will be your lifeline during times of catastrophic property loss. We are the most reliable and professional disaster restoration services in the country.

Don't Know What to Do Next? We Do.

Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call ServiceMaster by LoveJoy at (678) 293-0297 or connect with us online to schedule an appointment for kitchen remodeling in Conyers, Georgia, and nearby areas.