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5 Dangers of Hiring Plumbers without a License

Your plumbing needs must be seriously taken and must only be handled by an expert who has a license. You simply cannot risk your family, tenants or workers and the security of your property. The five dangers that hiring plumbers without license bring are: explosion, damage to life and property, poor quality of work, problems with insurance, and unnecessary spending of money.


Yes, you read it correctly; explosion can happen if you let an untrained person do repairs or installation in your plumbing system. Fire can also result from inappropriate installation or repair. Explosion of water heater or boiler could result to death and severe injuries to whoever is present in the house or building and the neighboring structures or establishments. Any leak (gas leak, water leak, sewer gas leak, oxygen leak) can cause asphyxiation and other health hazards especially at night when everybody is asleep. Find your experts and full plumbing services Atlanta GA as soon as you need any help or advice.


Just imagine how much trouble it may cause you when your lines are not correctly connected. Electrocution is likely to happen if a water leak is not noticed and it reaches your electric lines and/or switches. Flooding could result from drain lines that are improperly sloped. What about sanitary and storm drains that are combined, and sewer and water supplies interconnected? These could result to death or health risks to you and your family. In your office, dangerous cross-connections that cause the back flow of dangerous chemicals from the dyeing, printing, or similar industries into your water supply could poison you, your workforce, your neighbors, and your community. To avoid these, see a plumbing company Atlanta GA.


Because of inadequate or no proper training at all, you will surely be uncertain of the quality of performance a plumber without license would have. The work will be of poor quality and you will not be satisfied with the result. There is also the tendency of receiving poor quality or counterfeit materials, or even used materials and materials that contain lead and other poisonous substances that are presently banned by authentic and professional plumbers in Atlanta GA.


Your insurance company will not be obliged to pay you if the cause of the damage to your property springs from your own negligence or inability to hire a licensed plumber. Worse is you cannot get a refund from the uninsured plumber. You may also face charges from your tenants if you are renting your place or building. Moreover, your insurance policy will be invalidated and all the blame will be pointed at you.


You are being overcharged for the level of competency and it would take too long a time to complete the job. For lack of enough knowledge, you will end up having a damaged property than having your problem fixed. More spending will be incurred if you find out that the repair is incomplete and if you, your family or staff are injured.

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