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4 Tips to Protect Your Home from the Cold Weather

Winter can take its toll on your home and property.

Aside from the usual pile of snow you have to shovel from your driveway, not preparing your home from the freezing cold can do serious damages. It is never too late to take actions! Follow these tips to keep your house safe and for you to remain worry-free during these cold winter months.

1· Protect your pipes from frost damage.

Your water pipes can freeze in extremely cold temperatures. Incidents of pipes bursting have been all over the news. This happens because water expands when it freezes. Drain and cut off the water supply to your outdoor faucets. Disconnect garden hoses and store them. Adequate insulation can prevent the pipes inside your home from freezing; you can do this by leaving your heating system on for some amount of time all throughout the day. Ventilate the area under the sink to enable air inflow around the pipes. Make sure that you have easy access to your main water valve to shut it off in the event of a bursting pipe.

2· Clean your gutters.

Things such as fallen leaves can clog your gutters and cause an ice deposit on your roof. When the temperature gets warm, the melting ice cannot be properly drained because of the clog, and may cause water damage if it seeps through the roof. Clean your gutters to keep the water flowing freely. Remember to keep your attic well-ventilated to prevent ice dams from forming. If you already have your gutters frozen, you can hire professionals to clear them out for you. For the next winter, you can invest in ice slides for your roof and freeze-resistant products to use for your car and walkways.

3· Close up holes to keep your home warm.

Insulation can take care of the holes where cable lines enter your home. Check if there are openings around your doors and windows where cold air can flow in, and have them sealed.

4· Keep your family safe during unexpected snowstorms by stocking up for emergencies.

Keep supplies of non-perishable food and water and make sure that you have working flashlights and a radio with extra batteries to tune up to weather updates. Charge your phones and power banks to prepare for power failures.

The freeze could continue for a few months so make sure to follow the tips mentioned above! If you need to deal with water damage and need some help, ServiceMaster by LoveJoy has been providing high quality water damage restoration services in Georgia since 1999. Let our team of water damage experts come and assist you! Call us at 678-293-0297 or request for a free estimate today!